Tumo Volunteer Application Form

If you currently reside in Armenia and want to join Tumo as a volunteer, you do not need to complete the application. Just send your resume and a motivation statement (in English or Armenian) explaining why you want to volunteer at Tumo to volunteers@tumo.org
e-mail address.

If you are applying from abroad please complete the application form below. Once we receive your complete application we will schedule a phone interview.

We welcome highly motivated individuals from all over the world specializing in education, technology and operations to volunteer at Tumo from a month up to a year.

Volunteers are required to serve minimum 30 hours per week.

Please note that your complete application should be received at least two months prior to your intended arrival date. The application process includes a phone interview and can take up to 4 weeks.

Personal Information
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Required Documents
1. Resume*

Please upload your most current resume in .pdf or .doc or .docx format

2. Motivation Statement*
Write a statement in 300-500 words explaining your reasons wanting to volunteer at Tumo Center for Crea- tive Technologies. Tell about your relevant experience, your future goals, how you see yourself contributing to Tumo's mission.
3. References
Please download this form, send it to two appropriate individuals (supervisor, professor, colleague, etc.) not related to you and ask them to email it directly to volunteers@tumo.org with your name in the subject line.
Additional Information
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Fields of Interest

Please note that incomplete applications cannot be reviewed. Once your application form
is received we will contact you via e-mail.
In case you are accepted you will be asked to provide additional documents before your arrival.